DO NOT use alcohol or peroxide on your new piercing. These products kill new cells and prevent healing. Also do not use Neosporin, Vaseline, or any other creams or ointments – these prevent oxygen from getting to the piercing, which slows the healing process. ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly before handling any new piercing until it has completely healed. Also avoid saliva, oral contact, rough handling, soiled clothing, dirty hands, or contact with bodily fluids. You may shower but bathing and swimming with your new piercing is not recommended. Avoid sand, sunblock, or other lotions coming in direct contact with your piercing while it is healing.

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FOR FACIAL & BODY PIERCING: Piercings located in the navel, eyebrow, septum, ears, nipples, or any surface or cartilage piercing should be cleaned twice a day for the first 4 weeks and once a day the following 4 weeks. Be sure to remove any build-up crust or discharge from the jewelry and piercing very gently(best time is after a warm shower). For cleaning, use our aftercare product or sterile saline solution. Do this during the entire healing time, even if the piercing appears to be healed already. Be sure not to turn or rotate the jewelry more then once every 2 weeks .


FOR ORAL PIERCING: Every time you eat, drink, smoke, kiss, or put anything in your mouth (other than water), you must rinse with a 50-50 mixture of Mouth Wash (or alcohol free mouth wash at %100 strength) and water. Rinse at least 5 times per day. DO NOT use full strength mouthwash – this can cause chemical burns and/or damage your taste buds. Be sure it says “antiseptic” or “anti-bacterial” on the label. Also rinsing with warm salt water will help your piercing heal more quickly. Ice will help reduce welling, and you can take anti-inflammatory such as Advil, Motrin, Ibuprophen, etc. Swelling can last anywhere from 1 to 14 days. Jewelry in oral piercings tend to rotate as you talk, so additional rotation is not required, however, you need to check your jewelry daily to make sure it is secure and tight. Do not drink beer while your tongue piercing is healing. This can cause a yeast infection. Do not participate in open mouth kissing or oral sex for 3 weeks. Colds and viruses can be passed through bodily fluids. This will cause extreme swelling and possible infection.

Theses are general guidelines only, if any of this differs from the specific advice given by your piercing professional please follow your piercers directions. For any questions or concerns please contact us