Quality Body Jewelry

How come stores in malls sell body jewelry for 3$ to 10$ and professional studios charge upwards of 5 times that amount ? They look the same right ? It says surgical steel on the package ! First surgical steel is a broad term , implant grade surgical steel is 316LVM(what we sell) most mall jewelry is 316L at best. All of our body jewelry is hand polished to a mirror finish so that it does not irritate your fresh or healed piercing , mall jewelry is machine polished (if you’re lucky) and full of scratches and tiny abrasions that have the same affect as steel wool on your piercing (OUCH!) . Professional grade jewelry also uses no glue to set gem stones , they have bezel sets ,claw settings …etc , mall jewelry use cheap glues to place their gems , which tend to fall out rather quickly and worse then that you cannot even sterilize the jewelry because it will melt the glue (I wonder how piercers using cheap jewelry for initial piercings sterilize it ?) . At Steel n Ink  you will find only top quality body jewelry made from 316LVM surgical steel , FSTM-136 titanium , or 14kt Gold . We carry the best because your body deserves it[image height=”250″ image_width=”one_half” crop=”false” lightbox=”true” frame=”true” align=”left” margin=”30″]https://www.steelnink.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/image1.jpg[/image]

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